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Php issue for any version. (Arm AARCH64)  [SOLVED]

You found a bug? Please tell us about.
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Php issue for any version. (Arm AARCH64)

Beitrag von Alaura »

I don't know if the panel supports ARM, but i'm getting a issue on the php side of things, for example

Php: sh: 1: /opt/keyhelp/php/8.1/bin/php: Exec format error

Breaks php meaning i can't use it at all.
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Re: Php issue for any version. (Arm AARCH64)  [SOLVED]

Beitrag von Alexander »

ARM is supported by KeyHelp but the additional PHP interpreter are currently not compiled for ARM systems (and therefor will not work).
This may change if more people use ARM systems.
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