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Please read before opening a new topic

You found a bug? Please tell us about.
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Please read before opening a new topic

Beitrag von Alexander » Do 12. Dez 2019, 14:16

Please note the following information before opening a new topic in this forum area.

Is it a KeyHelp problem?
If this is not the case, please use the 'Off Topic' or 'Usage and Configuration' section.

Describes the problem as detailed as possible.
What exactly does not work? How does the error/problem appear? Which steps were carried out in advance and led to the occurrence of the problem?
A picture says more than a thousand words - It may be useful to attach a screenshot to clarify the problem.

What do the logs say?
Errors during the installation process can be found in the file /var/log/keyhelp/install.log, search word: "Error detected". In the lines above the search word you should be able to find the cause of the error.

The menu item "System status / server messages" in the KeyHelp contains only a rough error description. This alone is usually not sufficient to determine the exact cause. For this reason it is important to specify the content of the detailed logs. These can be found under the menu item "System status / Logs" (or in the folder /var/log/keyhelp/cronjob/).
Actions triggered by KeyHelp users can usually be found in "update.log" (e.g. creating a new user, editing a domain, ...).
Regularly performed automatic (maintenance) tasks can be found in the other logs labeled accordingly. For example, automatic updating of Let's Encrypt certificates can be found in "ssl-maintenance.log".

For errors affecting services on the server, the corresponding log files should be appended to /var/log/.

Did you make any adjustments to the server?
Have any changes been made to the server that might have something to do with the problem? For example, have changes been made to configuration files managed by KeyHelp, have other software been installed, backed up, etc.?

Which version is used?
Which KeyHelp version or which operating system version is used?

The above points help us to reproduce the problem and you can be helped even faster.

Furthermore, please note that both log extracts and screenshots may contain data that is not intended for the eyes of others and should be removed by you at your own discretion.


Customers of Keyweb AG can use the Keyweb ticket system to report a problem.
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