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Reseller Function, because why not !

What features are you missing in KeyHelp? We are listening to you.
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Reseller Function, because why not !

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Greetings All,

First I would like to extend my full appreciation, admiration and gratitude to the developers of KeyHelp.

I've been looking for a long time for a free control panel that is easy, solid and works perfectly out of the box and couldn't find until last month when I found out about this one.

Great work and I see great potential for this Panel in the future.

Now back to the subject.

I think the reseller function would take this panel to the next level, I don't think this function will be a challenge as the admin/user interface bases are provided.

So is there any plan for future update to include/add this feature in the FREE or Pro versions of KH ?

Also I've noticed that the panel is missing some key languages like Arabic.
I'm welling to help with translation as so if you are welling to add it.