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Nginx & Apache

What features are you missing in KeyHelp? We are listening to you.
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Nginx & Apache

Beitrag von luxusmind »


First of all let me say that i am blessed that i found KeyHelp and would like to congratulate all of the Developers that worked on the development.
I was one of those creating, managing websites without a Panel at all, and that was sometimes tough because you know "Linux" i had to fix everything from inside the server. Anyway been using KeyHelp under Debian those days, and everything's working perfectly as it should.

I hope we'll see Nginx added in near feature, don't count this as an request because i really think that having the option to use Nginx with Apache will boost the speed of the sites further.

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Re: Nginx & Apache

Beitrag von Alexander »

Hello Ibrahim and thank you for your kind words.

This feature is on my to-do list, but it may have to wait for a while, due to some more important features. Anyway, thank you for your participation. ;).
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Re: Nginx & Apache

Beitrag von tom83 »

Yes! NGiNX + Apache2 Hybrid would be awesome.
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Re: Nginx & Apache

Beitrag von superjogi »

I would also like to express my interest in this feature. Thank you for your work.