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limit email

Post by tom83 »


Is there any way to limit users to send high volume emails? Is this default? What is the limit?

(I want to prevent users to send email marketing etc, blocking it automatic and sending an automatic message like "It's not possible to send this mass emails" , or something)

Any other tip to configure the server to avoid getting into blacklist by users?

Thanks, and congratulations for the great panel.
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Re: limit email

Post by nikko »

Pls. take a look into /etc/postfix/ - by default:

smtpd_recipient_limit = 50
smtpd_recipient_overshoot_limit = 50
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Re: limit email

Post by andromeda »

nikko wrote: Fri 30. Aug 2019, 06:27 Pls. take a look into /etc/postfix/ - by default:

smtpd_recipient_limit = 50
smtpd_recipient_overshoot_limit = 50
Maybe this could be added as feature to KeyHelp Pro or so?

It is not a big thing to change the config by hand, but it would be a neat feature :-)
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Re: limit email

Post by v3ng »

+1 maybe even on a per plan basis.
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Re: limit email

Post by BasHeijermans »

The is no point doing this as Postfix has pretty reasonable limits set by default.

Other problem is, Postfix is system-wide, so if you change it for 1 user it will affect all users.

Spammers are typical hit by the limits and it won't send mails out anymore.

Also, don't forget, in the mail-queue page you would see many mails being queued.

As such you can easily find the user abusing your system and tell them to stop or kick them out.

Beware that not many normal users will ever try to abuse your system, but some f*ckers do.

Also, if you click on users, then you will see the traffic users do, typical spammers use a lot of that, more then anybody else, I doubt it's hard to fine the abusive user.
Greetings Bas.

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Re: limit email

Post by Daniel »


mostly SPAM is send through unsafe webapplications and compromized webspaces. Since mechanisms like fail2ban make it harder to takeover mailaccounts, of not the exact passwort is known. At our daily business its kinda rare that some users mailaccount is directly sending spam.

You can clearly tell that 99-98% of the requests drops down to webapplications generating spam. Eigher through poor maintained webapplications(forums/guestbooks/bloggingsoftware/shopsoftware/.. and badly/non maintained plugins/themes/..) or wrong usage of folder/file permissions allowing this.

If you are looking for a "per domain/user or mail-address" limitation, there is currently no in keyhelp configurable option for it.
_maybe_ after internal discussion we could bring up such an option when we are later switching the mailsystem to rspamd. But from current point there is no real advantage to limit outbound mails from authenticated users.
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