Apache stop/start from gui  [SOLVED]

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Apache stop/start from gui

Post by miklosandras »

Is there a possibility to stop/start Apache and PHP-FPM from gui?
Is there a settings to enable it to use?
Thank you in advance
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Re: Apache stop/start from gui  [SOLVED]

Post by mhagge »

Hello miklosandras,

this is impossible because without the Apache und PHP the GUI would not run.
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Re: Apache stop/start from gui

Post by 24unix »

But restart would be possible, for those afraid of the CLI :-)
mfg Micha
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Re: Apache stop/start from gui

Post by BasHeijermans »

Why would you even want to do it?

Because if the keyhelp-panel is still working fine, your problem is not with Apache and PHP, else KeyHelp would fail too. :D
Greetings Bas.

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