Backups & snapshot question  [SOLVED]

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Backups & snapshot question

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I'm just trying to figure out how the backup scheduling works along with the snapshots in the repository. Until know, I was manually backing up with the old system but I want to automate it with the new system the same way I've automated the backup of the main database (since the others are backed up daily by Keyhelp).

The thing is, I've taken a look at the repository and most of the space used is in the data. I'm assuming this is were the incremental backup is added when I trigger the backup with the schedule, is that right?

But then I check the snapshot and it is just a file with 295 b. I am not sure if this is due to this being the first update or if I am missing something. I've currently set up 1 snapshot because I thought it copied all the data (it's a local backup and I don't have space for what I thought 3 snapshots would take), but it looks as if I misunderstood how the snapshots and incremental backup work and there's no information on the manual.
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Re: Backups & snapshot question  [SOLVED]

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Everything in your repository folder belongs to the snapshots and its incremental data-chunks.

How and why a repository is build the way it is can be addressed to the restic community, as this is the backup system used.

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