Feature request: domain parking

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Feature request: domain parking

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I have been using KeyHelp for quite some time now and missing an option to "park" domains.
Ideally it would work like if the domain was suspended but instead of redirecting to the specified resource it would temporary set the DocumentRoot (set by the administrator) to keep the initial domain name present in the URL bar and use the dynamic content with ads and whatnot. The user which holds to domain in their account should also be able to set it in parked state.

What are your thoughts?
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Re: Feature request: domain parking

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Grts wrote: Mon 14. Aug 2023, 14:31 What are your thoughts?
That's the best way to burn a domain before it even had its first visitor.

Ads and no valuable content => Google doomed for a long time.

For such domains I use a basic auth until they are live.
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