Does restic or keyhelp not chown after copying files?  [SOLVED]

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Does restic or keyhelp not chown after copying files?

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I'm sure the cause of the problem is within KeyHelp
(Problems not related to KeyHelp belong in the Offtopic forum)
I'm not sure if it's keyhelp or rustic.

Server operating system + version
Debian 11.7

Server virtualization technology used

KeyHelp version + build number

Problem description / error messages
This is the second time I have to move hosts, so I'm trying to restore a snapshot from rustic. Using keyhelp's UI of course. Files get there, but they're owned by another user. It seems keyhelp expects me to have each user added in the same sequence I added them before on the old server. In other words, I think the chown is done by UID/GID rather than resolving the actual username.

Expected result
Keyhelp to clean up after rustic, or if it is, to do it correctly.

Actual result
Files are owned by another UID/GID.

Steps to reproduce
1. Install keyhelp, add a couple of users. Backup.
2. reinstall your server, add users back but in a random order
3. upload your rustic database to the new server, replace the folder. Get a backup going to have it reindex the backup folder (no clue how to do the reindexing without the silly empty snapshot)
4. pick users to restore, and give it a bit. You'll notice the restored files are owned by other users because most likely the UID is retained from the prior system, it does not adapt to the new UID.

Additional information
(e.g. recent changes to the server, excerpts from log files (/var/log/*, /var/log/keyhelp/php-error.log, etc.))
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Re: Does restic or keyhelp not chown after copying files?  [SOLVED]

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you should restore the server in this way:

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