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Roundcube Bug --> wie pspell installieren? (rc Rechtschreibpruefung aktiviert)

Posted: Wed 22. Sep 2021, 10:24
by smplan

ich habe gerade etwas Zeit verschwendet, den Roundcube Rechtschreib Fehler zu finden.
(Siehe Bekanntmachungen: "Roundcube Bug")

Und die Rechtschreibpruefung vor dem Senden erstmal deaktiviert.

Im github Ticket wird erwaehnt, dass man "pspell" installieren kann,
wie wuerde ich das am besten tun ?

Also einfach:
wie hier beschreiben: ... oundcube_1
(angepasst auf Ubuntu 20)

sudo apt install php-pspell
sudo apt install aspell-de

Und dann die in: /home/keyhelp/www/roundcube/config
wie folgt erweitern ?

Code: Select all

// Make use of the built-in spell checker. It is based on GoogieSpell.
// Since Google only accepts connections over https your PHP installatation
// requires to be compiled with Open SSL support
$rcmail_config['enable_spellcheck'] = true;
// Enables spellchecker exceptions dictionary.
// Setting it to 'shared' will make the dictionary shared by all users.
$rcmail_config['spellcheck_dictionary'] = false;
// Set the spell checking engine. 'googie' is the default. 'pspell' is also available,
// but requires the Pspell extensions. When using Nox Spell Server, also set 'googie' here.
// Django : 2012-10-12
// default: $rcmail_config['spellcheck_engine'] = 'googie';
$rcmail_config['spellcheck_engine'] = 'pspell';
// For a locally installed Nox Spell Server, please specify the URI to call it.
// Get Nox Spell Server from
// Leave empty to use the Google spell checking service, what means
// that the message content will be sent to Google in order to check spelling
$rcmail_config['spellcheck_uri'] = '';
// These languages can be selected for spell checking.
// Configure as a PHP style hash array: array('en'=>'English', 'de'=>'Deutsch');
// Leave empty for default set of available language.
// Django : 2012-10-12
// default: $rcmail_config['spellcheck_languages'] = NULL;
$rcmail_config['spellcheck_languages'] = array('en'=>'English', 'de'=>'Deutsch');
// Makes that words with all letters capitalized will be ignored (e.g. GOOGLE)
$rcmail_config['spellcheck_ignore_caps'] = false;
// Makes that words with numbers will be ignored (e.g. g00gle)
$rcmail_config['spellcheck_ignore_nums'] = false;
// Makes that words with symbols will be ignored (e.g. g@@gle)
$rcmail_config['spellcheck_ignore_syms'] = false;