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PHP auto-update doesn't work  [SOLVED]

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PHP auto-update doesn't work

Beitrag von benkhouya » Mo 9. Sep 2019, 04:58

Why KeyHelp doesn't auto-update PHP to the latest versions?

Available versions with KeyHelp (Ubuntu 18 LTS):

PHP 7.3.7 - The latest version is: PHP 7.3.9
PHP 7.2.20 - The latest version is: PHP 7.2.22
PHP 7.1.30 - The latest version is: PHP 7.1.32

Also if possible auto-update Apache 2.4.29 to the latest version Apache 2.4.41

PS. Most of these updates are security updates.

Kind regards,
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Re: PHP auto-update doesn't work

Beitrag von nikko » Mo 9. Sep 2019, 10:06

KH does an auto-update, if a new version is available. Until then, all used versions get - of course - security updates.
A version update will only occur if this version has proven to be stable in KH ... and if is ready to rollout.

Note: Some packages are kept up-to-date via the repository of the operating system. Here are rarely the current versions available.
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Re: PHP auto-update doesn't work  [SOLVED]

Beitrag von Alexander » Mo 9. Sep 2019, 13:00

These additional PHP interpreter packages are specially compiled for KeyHelp. Normally I compile and update these packages after every bigger KeyHelp release, adding new features and improving structure and so on.
I made an exception and startet the compiling process this morning. Meanwhile they are ready for installation on all operating systems.

The latest Versions are now:
PHP 7.3.9
PHP 7.2.22
PHP 7.1.32

You can install them right away, clicking the corresponding button for 'Update PHP interpreter' on the maintenance interval page in KeyHelp, or wait until the cronjob performs this step automatically.
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